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Why am I so ugg? I dont get it. Thing are moving in a desirable way, why dont I want to just be happy and run my lifes path? I should be happy, excited, and scared. But instead I am sad, distracted and feeling like I am missing someting. But what?
Life is so confusing and hard all the time. Even if things seem perfect on the outside somehow they are "F"ed on the inside.

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Fear or love, that is all we are allowed to show.

I am either scared or I am doing good and I only feel what you want me to.  You ask and I do.  Like a puppet just waiting to be pulled.  But you dont pull, you throw me around like I am nothing, because that is what I am to you.  Yet you are something to me.  I dont know what but you are, and I try to let you go but I cant.  I am sure you have, but I have vagina on my side.

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So I am in not so sunny Arizona. My grandma is nuts. She is so excited I am here. This morning at 5 am she was tucking me in and making sure I was okay, then she turned on the heater because she thought I was cold. Then this morning she made a single cup of coffee just for me. Its funny. Anyways its not so sunny here. Raining actually, good thing I only brought summer cloths.

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So its offical, I am 20 in 45 Minutes.  Lets make the Best of it.

I will be making an appearance (hopefully not to embarrasingly drunk) at the


9 PM.

This is of course on the night of February 4th.

If you would like to show some support for the beginning of the end of my life, shake a tail feather in my directions.

Wish me luck.

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Walking Away.

I was done, it was over.
Then today... 
I tried to hold my breath, close my eyes and hope it would all go away.
I could tell you were thinking about it and I was IceWomen, protector of the goods.
You smiled at me, made those uncomfortable random comments, and I started to remeber.
(be cool, be cool) I sat there "reading" the handout.
I know you were staring at me.
Please make those memories go away.
I wish I could wash it all away and we could be perfect strangers.
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betty boop

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This is mine:
- dirty cloths
- I am drunk again, what am I doing
- random friends, or that is what they say they are
- children running in the streets
- my dog runs infront of a car, I scream
- I sit here contemplating my choices
- breath, in, out
- Work, sales letters, endless contact lists
- I am thinking about you again, why
- washing their hair again, small talk, polite smiles
- dirty cloths
- calm
- beep, beep - I start again
- pointless jokes, pointless conversation
- uncomfortable situations I created
- did that actually happen
- unwanted friendships or relations
- sad, dont cry
- long nights, random conversation
- I feel old, unaccomplished
- meetings, conferences, look interested, contacts contacts, contacts
- phone calls, sound understanding, explain, is this me talking
- forget conversations, not feeling normal
- feel like I am living someone else's life
- I lay here alone, once more
- the sun rises and so do I, its routine, mine
- Its all mine, whether I want it or not.

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So I am 20 in a week plus one day. My teenagehood is almost over and I feel like I am forgetting to do something.
I know this is strange but I somehow wish that I had gotten arrested before I turn 20. But I now realize that is a stupid idea.